A Month of Colour

Ok I'm back from a quick trip back to the old country, which was filled with friends, family and lots of food (as always, but I'm not complaining!). I thought that I would kick off the summer with a bit of Colour, seeing as we need it in all of the rain that we have been getting.  Lots of respect to the boys and girls of southern Germany's emergency services who are dealing with the chaos. Spare a thought too for the families who have lost so much. If you can give something then please donate to the German Red Cross here.

During this Month of Colour I will endeavor to post a new Colour photo each day (If you want black and white then check out Monochrome October). Each photo will be available for download in high resolution, all you have to do is subscribe below and I will send you the link for the download. All pictures are free to use for personal usage and please don't forget to credit me (gavinotter.com) if you use them in social media or websites. 

Today's image is a landscape from Gloucestershire, UK.

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