Kinderfest am Ahorn and other stuff

Last weekend we had a busy time, first going over to see the folks in Saalbach-Hinterglemm then back for the Kinderfest double extravaganza. 

While in Saalbach we went to the Bauernmarkt in Hinterglemm which was fun with a parade of traditional farmer type stuff including some pretty impressive whipping. Except for one person who got a bit too close and got their hair whipped! 

Next, after a quick drive across the alps we went to the Kinderfest in Mayrhofen, which was first on the Sunday at the waldfestplatz. A busy afternoon of screaming kids all pumped up on a combination of sugar and bouncy castles. On the plus side the weather was glorious!

Finally, on the Monday we ventured up the Ahorn for the mountain edition of the Kinderfest which was fun. The new lake area that they have built is great and the water was chilly but refreshing. And yes I did go for a quick dip! If your in town during the Summer months then I strongly recommend it.