Monochrom Oktober Day 05

It’s that time of year again!

Each year I dedicate the month of Oktober (German Spelling, in case you were wondering) to the beautiful art of Black & White photography. Each day I will be posting a new Black & white image

Black & White photography is not just about taking out the colour of an image, it is about how we balance the tones of the photo with the emotion of the subject to send the right message to the viewer.

Each of these photos (I hope!) does that and I would really appreciate your feedback, both good and bad, to help me grow as a photographer.

You can experiment with your photos as I am sure that your smartphone will have an editing section in it (both the iPhone Camera App and the Facebook App do this) and play around with the different settings.

Share your images with everyone by posting them to my facebook page

snow on a cold tin roof, from some of the epic snowfall we had last winter!

Don't forget to come back every day for a new image and stick around at the end of the month for a couple of bonus images!

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