The Mayor's Birthday

On Saturday was the celebration of one of our neighbours, Monika, 50th birthday and we were cordially invited to come along to help celebrate. Of course I sneaked a camera along to snap a couple of shots seeing as she is the Mayor and all. In attendance was everyone from the political spectrum of the Zillertal and the Governor of Tirol, so just an informal gathering then!

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Nikolaus and the Weihnachtsmarkt

This weekend was the second advent Market weekend here in Mayrhofen, and as my mum was over visiting we went up to have a look around and sample some of the Zillertaler Krapfen and Glühwein.

T&G Opening in Ramsau

The End of November saw the opening of a T&G Markt in Ramsau in Zillertal. I was invited down to take some pictures of the official internal opening the evening before the store was opened to the public. It gave me a chance to have a sneak peek too and sample a couple of beers for my personal project the Bier O’Clock

Oh! Mr (& Mrs.) D'Arcy!

A good friend got married at the weekend in Gnadenwald, near Innsbruck. I took my little Fuji XE1 and took a couple of snaps of the festivities and the rather fluid evening! Apologies for the later photos as the sensor in the XE1 isn't as good in low light and you tend to get a bit of noise (not to mention my slightly wobbly vision from the multitude of shots that were doing the rounds!).

Still a great celebration of friends, fun, happiness and love. Congratulations Mr. & Mrs D'Arcy.

Gauder Fest 2018

Ok, I know its been a while but I have been busy, oh and on holiday before the summer Wedding Season kicks off!

So I am doing a little bit of catch-up and before I stick on my Holiday pics I thought I had better get theses pictures of the Traditional Gauder Fest that is held here in the Zillertal each May. It is one of the largest Trachtenfest in Europe and draws huge crowds over the 4 days as well as having some rocking beer that is a barmy 7.8%. More than a couple of these and you know about it!

Anyway enough of me rambling on here are the pictures for your viewing pleasure.

All shot with iphone 6s and edited in Lightroom Mobile

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Helipad Open Day

This weekend saw the official opening of the new Helicopter Rescue centre for Mayrhofen.

There are a couple of these dotted around the valley from different firms, all providing much a needed service to evacuate seriously injured patients to the hospital within a short time from fairly inaccessible places (normally ski pistes). They work in close unison with the Red Cross, Mountain Rescue and the Water Rescue, with members from these organizations normally going on to work in the 'Flugrettung'.

Sunday was an open day for the public to come and see the toys that we get to play with, so I took the family down to have look. Weather was fantastic apart from the very strong wind that prevented a couple of events from taking place. The Red Bull Stunt Helicopters did make a show even if in those conditions and I did manage to capture it on video which can be seen here.

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Easter Egg Hunt '18

Easter is back again and it is time for the Mayrhofen Easter Egg hunt. The weather was kind enough to be dry for a while but the sun decided not to show up. Oh well, maybe next year!

There were nearly 40 children who turned up to scour the Waldfestplatz for the nearly 3000 eggs and other chocolate treats, which they managed to round up in less than 20 minutes.

A huge thanks to everyone who contributed and helped, especially to my amazing wife, Karen for organising the event, her 3 chief helpers, Barbara, Helen and Chris, and to  the Gemeinde Mayrhofen.

Shot with canon 6D, with a number of lenses

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Easter Egg Hunt

My beautiful and talented wife, Karen, decide this year to stage an Easter Egg Hunt here in Mayrhofen, for some of the children of the town. She bought a ton of sweets and chocolate and put an event on Facebook. There was a great response from other parents in town as well as the town council who also sponsored the event with a bundle of chocolate bunniesto add to the booty!

The day started early as she went up to hide all the goodies in the rain (it was pouring down when she left at 07:25) but thankfully with a bit of fortune the clouds parted and some patches of blue sky were seen briefly!

The kids loved it and all ran about crazily collecting as much as they could, and with nearly 2000 individual pieces up for grabs there was plenty to go round for everyone. There were a some late arrivals but the good spirits of the day even made sure that there was chocolate for everyone.

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Shot with Canon 6D with Tamron 28-75mm f/2.8 onto Lexar 1000 SD cards, with post in Lightroom CC 2017