Autumn Colours

As the summer draws to a rapid close, we journeyed up the Ahorn mountain for a pleasant afternoon in the sun, only to be greeted by the amazing colours that the Heather had turned on the Filzen peak. These photos have been tweaked in Adobe Lightroom but I assure you that these colours are genuine. In some cases I had to de-saturate the colours as they were so vivid that they looked unnatural!

A big ask! - Eine große Frage!

Dear All

I am running in the Mayrhofen Ultraks Mountain Race on the 22. June in support of Medicine Sans Frontier, who are working in some of the more exclusive Holiday destinations like Yemem, Afganistan and Syria. The race is 30 km with 1970m total elevation. I am doing the hard bit, and all that I ask of you ist that you just donate whatever you can to help a good cause and people who aren't as lucky as we are.

I know that you will do the right thing as that is why I am friends with you all.


Hallo zusammen

Ich nehme am 22. Juni am Mayrhofen Ultraks Mountain Race teil, um Ärtze Onne Grenzen zu unterstützen, die in einigen der exklusiveren Urlaubsregionen wie Yemem, Afganistan und Syrien tätig sind. Das Rennen ist 30 km lang mit einer Gesamthöhe von 1970 m. Ich mache den harten Teil, und alles, was ich von Ihnen verlange, ist, dass Sie einfach alles spenden, was Sie können, um einer guten Sache und Menschen zu helfen, die nicht so viel Glück haben wie wir.

Ich weiß, dass Sie das Richtige tun werden, denn deshalb bin ich mit Ihnen allen befreundet.

Vielen Dank


click this link here https://www.aerzte-ohne-grenzen.at/node/13767?cfd=aoe2y

Ski Race Day

As the winter draws to a close I can finally get some time to post some shots from the slopes.  

The other week I was contacted to shoot a ski race for a group from the UK in what was for most of them their first ever ski race. I was impressed with how well they all did as I was forced to think back to when I was a beginner (yes, it was that long ago!) and how it was those first few days on skis, such a strange feeling. 

They were a fun group and it was a pleasure to photograph them and give them some mementos of their holiday.

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Nikolaus and the Weihnachtsmarkt

This weekend was the second advent Market weekend here in Mayrhofen, and as my mum was over visiting we went up to have a look around and sample some of the Zillertaler Krapfen and Glühwein.

mucking about

Havn't posted for a while as I have been busy taking pictures for clients (which is all good!) and building a kitchen (which is nearly finished - photos coming soon!) but did take the Fuji and the family into the woods the other day as it was too hot to be at the park and the pool was more of a zoo! Boys had fun though being boys and getting mucky!

shot on Fujifilm X-E1 with all the OM lenses that I have - 35mm f/2.8, 50mm f/1.4, 35-100mm f/3.5-5.6, 70-210 f/5.6

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My family and other animals.

I really love animals and I don't really approve of Zoos but the Wildlife Center at Whipsnade is a different experience. The animals have a lot more space roam about and generally seem in a better psychological stat than those you see in the more enclosed city zoos. I understand what organisations such as the ZSL are doing with protection and study of species, and also how necessary it is for us to be able to see these animals in person. Most children would never see these magnificent creatures in real life and conservation would not be such an important issue. Still we should work more to make it that these animals are not endangered in there natural habitat and where we don't need to have zoos in order to preserve creatures from extinction.

Shot on Fujifilm X-E1

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The New Penken Playground

So, last weekend we went up the Penken to see the new play area that they have built. Great place to let the kids burn off some steam and to just sit about enjoying the summer for the grown-ups (who wants to go for a hike on a day like this anyway!) Well worth a visist if you are going up, it's just at the top of the Combi-bahn along with some very cool looking electric bikes and some 'Zorb' ball on a lake. I spoke to one of the chaps up there and apparently there is a lot more planned for next year, so watch this space (not literally, but keep following the blog!).

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Easter Egg Hunt '18

Easter is back again and it is time for the Mayrhofen Easter Egg hunt. The weather was kind enough to be dry for a while but the sun decided not to show up. Oh well, maybe next year!

There were nearly 40 children who turned up to scour the Waldfestplatz for the nearly 3000 eggs and other chocolate treats, which they managed to round up in less than 20 minutes.

A huge thanks to everyone who contributed and helped, especially to my amazing wife, Karen for organising the event, her 3 chief helpers, Barbara, Helen and Chris, and to  the Gemeinde Mayrhofen.

Shot with canon 6D, with a number of lenses

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