A big ask! - Eine große Frage!

Dear All

I am running in the Mayrhofen Ultraks Mountain Race on the 22. June in support of Medicine Sans Frontier, who are working in some of the more exclusive Holiday destinations like Yemem, Afganistan and Syria. The race is 30 km with 1970m total elevation. I am doing the hard bit, and all that I ask of you ist that you just donate whatever you can to help a good cause and people who aren't as lucky as we are.

I know that you will do the right thing as that is why I am friends with you all.


Hallo zusammen

Ich nehme am 22. Juni am Mayrhofen Ultraks Mountain Race teil, um Ärtze Onne Grenzen zu unterstützen, die in einigen der exklusiveren Urlaubsregionen wie Yemem, Afganistan und Syrien tätig sind. Das Rennen ist 30 km lang mit einer Gesamthöhe von 1970 m. Ich mache den harten Teil, und alles, was ich von Ihnen verlange, ist, dass Sie einfach alles spenden, was Sie können, um einer guten Sache und Menschen zu helfen, die nicht so viel Glück haben wie wir.

Ich weiß, dass Sie das Richtige tun werden, denn deshalb bin ich mit Ihnen allen befreundet.

Vielen Dank


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Practice makes perfect....

Another rainy day in the mountains, and I decide to do a bit of tidying up out the front, which quickly develops into a skateboard practice session and photo shoot!

Furry Faces

Over the past 4 weeks we have had 5 new additions to the household. Our younger cat, Luna, was ‘knocked up’ by one of the local toms and gave birth to 5 little ones.

I have nearly always had cats but to see the birth and help the raising of them from birth has been an experience that I have enjoyed sharing with the boys. Although now we are at 4 weeks they are becoming more inquisitive and boisterous (watch out for the curtains!).

Anyway let me introduce you to (in order of appearance) Little Luna, Tabby, White Nose, Little Hugo (after the alleged father), and Blacky. All the names are temporary and just for identification purposes as most of them will be finding new homes soon.

Easter Egg Hunt 2019

Well its time for the world famous Mayrhofen Easter Egg Hunt!

Lots of kids of turned up for a mad dash through the Waldfestplatz in Mayrhofen, to grab some chocolate and sweeties, The weather was stunning, if not a bit fresh but perfect for a good egg hunt!

Thanks go to everyone who came along and contributed, Mayrhofen Gemeinde for their generous donation and of course to my beautiful wife, who so tirelessly organises this event.

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Monochrom Oktober 2018

Oops, forgot to post this and just found it lurking in the depths of the Blog.

Anyway please enjoy what was monochrom Oktober in 2018

#monochrom #blackandwhite

The Mayor's Birthday

On Saturday was the celebration of one of our neighbours, Monika, 50th birthday and we were cordially invited to come along to help celebrate. Of course I sneaked a camera along to snap a couple of shots seeing as she is the Mayor and all. In attendance was everyone from the political spectrum of the Zillertal and the Governor of Tirol, so just an informal gathering then!

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Test Track

Thursday had come round and as it is high season, I decided not to have an afternoon off skiing, but instead I chose to hike up to an old favourite place of mine, the Wiesenhof. It lies halfway up the Ahorn mountain on the Abfaht itself but the road to it is always covered in snow (well nearly always!).

It takes about an hour to hike up there and then about 10 minutes to Rodel down. For those of you who dont know what a Rodel is, it is a traditional Austrian toboggan. It is the best sport in the winter especially when you go with a group of people and have a couple of drinks at the top. It then turns into ‘Wacky Races’.

A quick disclaimer is that this road is not an official Rodelbahn and still only a road so it is not lit, controlled, or closed off to cars, so if you are in the valley I would recommend going to somewhere like the one at Gerlosstein

#rodeljedi #wiesenhof #wackyraces #itsahardlifeinthemountains

A winter walk in the woods

During the recent massive snowfall the boys and I decided to go for a walk in the woods and had a bit of a play in the snow

#winterwonderland #mayrhofen #snowandfun