Österreichische Rote Kreuz

Elements of Duty

During my duty last week I managed to take a couple of shots of what I thought might sum up some of the essential elements of doing a duty shift with the Austrian Red Cross. Obviously I cannot add patients as it goes against their right to privacy and our ethical code which prohibits us from talking about what we do and who to.  I hope to expand on this blog post in the future covering more elements in the other sectors that we cover outside of the emergency rescue.  

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On Duty

On Friday I had night duty at my local station house, in Mayrhofen, Tirol, for the Austrian Red Cross. during a quiet part of the evening I managed to get my camera out and get some shots of some of the vehicles that we use as well as some of the youth training that we do in the community.

Einsatz Seminar, Rotes Kreuz Tirol 2014

As Part of the ongoing celebrations of the 100 years of Red Cross Bezirk Schwaz, we hosted in the Zillertal, the annual GUF/KAT Seminar in which elements from all over Tirol come to train for large accident scenarios. The Course is also a final exam for some participants putting them under great pressure in order to allocate resources effectively and bring order to the ensuing chaos. I was fortunate to be asked to cover this for both my district and for the state.