The New Penken Playground

So, last weekend we went up the Penken to see the new play area that they have built. Great place to let the kids burn off some steam and to just sit about enjoying the summer for the grown-ups (who wants to go for a hike on a day like this anyway!) Well worth a visist if you are going up, it's just at the top of the Combi-bahn along with some very cool looking electric bikes and some 'Zorb' ball on a lake. I spoke to one of the chaps up there and apparently there is a lot more planned for next year, so watch this space (not literally, but keep following the blog!).

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On the 26 October Austria celebrates its Declaration of Neutrality.  It is a public holiday for us all and as usual the weather is normally great. When I went for my run today I took a couple of pictures that I thought would encapsulate Austria on its special day. The first 2 were standard panoramic photos of the mountains but I think that the final photo is the one that really represents my adoptive home. Schöne Feiertage!


The view from the Kapelle in Burgstall

The view from the Kapelle in Burgstall


The Ziller and Mayrhofen 


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Cloudy Mountains

Sunday comes round again and we went up the mountain even though it was raining in the village. It started off with a blizzard and near total whiteout but slowly the clouds started to clear and we had a wonderful lunch with some amazing views up at the Gschosswandhaus.

The Tristner poking her head through the clouds

The Tristner in Black and White

The Ahorn, Tristner, and Grünberg with the Penkenbahn in the foreground

Photographed with Fuji X-E1 with Olympus 35mm f/2.8 Zuiko Objektiv


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