Helipad Open Day

This weekend saw the official opening of the new Helicopter Rescue centre for Mayrhofen.

There are a couple of these dotted around the valley from different firms, all providing much a needed service to evacuate seriously injured patients to the hospital within a short time from fairly inaccessible places (normally ski pistes). They work in close unison with the Red Cross, Mountain Rescue and the Water Rescue, with members from these organizations normally going on to work in the 'Flugrettung'.

Sunday was an open day for the public to come and see the toys that we get to play with, so I took the family down to have look. Weather was fantastic apart from the very strong wind that prevented a couple of events from taking place. The Red Bull Stunt Helicopters did make a show even if in those conditions and I did manage to capture it on video which can be seen here.

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Bergrettung Ubung Film

Im Winter hatten wir eine Übung mit dem Roten Kreuz und der Bergrettung . Ich hatte das Glück, dort zu sein, es zu fotografieren, sondern auch uns gelungen, einen Teil davon zu filmen. Schließlich ist hier, dass Filmmaterial. Der Film wurde mit dem Handy ohne zusätzliche Beleuchtung gemacht.

During the winter we had an exercise with the Bergrettung (Mountain Rescue) and the Rotes Kreuz (Rad Cross) which I was fortunate enough to go and shoot. These training exercises are fundamental to working out any problems and getting to know how the other organizations work in the field. We are lucky that lots of the Bergrettung are also fully trained Paramedics too.

Well finally here is the edited footage that was also shot on that evening. It was shot on smartphones so the resolution isn't to hot but considering it was at night with no external lighting (except for head torches!) it is not too bad!

Location: Mayrhofen, Zillertal, Tirol

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Bergettung Ubung

Letzte Monat wir haben eine bissl spas in der Ortstelle mit unserer kollegen von Bergettung Mayrhofen. Es ist sehr wichtig, dass wir alle unsere Fähigkeiten üben zusammen, so dass, wenn wir einen Notfall tun müssen wir effizienter arbeiten. Jeder in diesen Bildern ist ein Freiwilliger, so wenden Sie sich bitte, wenn Sie können spenden, dann folgen Sie diesem Link.

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Rescue team

I was out running this afternoon and there was a flurry of activity at the landingplatz just outside of town. A total of 3 helicopters were in action, 2 rescue teams from Mayrhofen and Tux, as well as 1 from the Bundespolizei. The mountain rescue were also in attendance as the search for a missing person continues. Hers off to those who put themselves in harms way helping people who  are in trouble. If you can please try to donate to the Oesterreichischer Bergrettung. They are all volunteers and without them a lot more people wouldn't come home.

Landingplatz Mayrhofen  

Landingplatz Mayrhofen  

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Rotes Kreuz Taufe

Im Dezember fotografierte ich die "Absperrung" einer Taufe von einem Kollegen beim Roten Kreuz. Diese Tradition findet bei jedem großen Ereignis, wenn Sie ein Mitglied eines Vereins sind, und umfasst in der Regel ein Schnaps oder 2!

In December I photographed the 'Absperrung' of a Christening from a Collegue at the Red Cross. This tradition occurs at every major event when you are a member of a Club, and normally involves a Schnapps or 2!

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