Rotes Kreuz Schwaz

Another shift

So time has been a little busy over the winter and I have been a little slack in keeping up to date with my private work. I found these photos from last year when I had a particularly quiet Red Cross shift. Anyway I am sure that there will be more from last year surfacing in the coming weeks. .

Fujifilm x-E1 with Olympus OM mount 35mm f/2.8 and edited in Adobe Lightroom CC

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Monochrome Oktober Day 10

Each year I dedicate the month of Oktober (German Spelling, in case you were wondering) to the beautiful art of Black & White photography. Each day I will be posting a new Black & white image

I have a passion for this style of photograph, as it makes you concentrate more on the subject and really brings out the emotion of the image.

In the post processing phase, it is more than just removing the colour out of a picture but finding the right combination of tones and shades of grey that work within an image. With applications such as Photoshop you can change these mixtures to a great degree to give you more or less of those tones.

You can experiment with your photos as I am sure that your smartphone will have an editing section in it (both the iPhone Camera App and the Facebook App do this) and play around with the different settings.

Share your images with everyone by posting them to my facebook page

Training with the Red Cross and the Mountain Rescue, in the dark in an attic! Shot with Canon 6d with Tmron 28-75 f/2.8 at 1/80 sec f/4.0 ISO 8000

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Waiting for the call

Much of our time at the Red Cross is spent waiting (thankfully!) Our vehicles stand ready for the callno matter how trivial it may be.

This shot is actually a compilation of 6 shots taken at 5am in the morning as I carefully moved around the garage without triggering the lights (which are horrible florescent tubes) I just liked the natural light better (as always!)

Shot with a Fujifilm X-E1 with Olympus 35mm ISO 200 Exp 4,0 secs at f8

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Bergettung Ubung

Letzte Monat wir haben eine bissl spas in der Ortstelle mit unserer kollegen von Bergettung Mayrhofen. Es ist sehr wichtig, dass wir alle unsere Fähigkeiten üben zusammen, so dass, wenn wir einen Notfall tun müssen wir effizienter arbeiten. Jeder in diesen Bildern ist ein Freiwilliger, so wenden Sie sich bitte, wenn Sie können spenden, dann folgen Sie diesem Link.

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Elements of Duty

During my duty last week I managed to take a couple of shots of what I thought might sum up some of the essential elements of doing a duty shift with the Austrian Red Cross. Obviously I cannot add patients as it goes against their right to privacy and our ethical code which prohibits us from talking about what we do and who to.  I hope to expand on this blog post in the future covering more elements in the other sectors that we cover outside of the emergency rescue.  

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Rotes Kreuz Gala Abend

Heir Sind die fertig bilder von Samstag abend. Es war eine schöne abend mit viel leute von Das Rotes Kreuz und andere Einsatz Organisation. 

Wenn sie ein portrait auf die Galerie wollen, Bitte senden mir ein email und ich werde Ihnen eine kostenlose Vollformat Kopie des Bildes zu senden. 

Email kann mann durch das link contact finden.

Location: Stadt Gallerie, Schwaz, Tirol

On Duty

On Friday I had night duty at my local station house, in Mayrhofen, Tirol, for the Austrian Red Cross. during a quiet part of the evening I managed to get my camera out and get some shots of some of the vehicles that we use as well as some of the youth training that we do in the community.