On the 26 October Austria celebrates its Declaration of Neutrality.  It is a public holiday for us all and as usual the weather is normally great. When I went for my run today I took a couple of pictures that I thought would encapsulate Austria on its special day. The first 2 were standard panoramic photos of the mountains but I think that the final photo is the one that really represents my adoptive home. Schöne Feiertage!


The view from the Kapelle in Burgstall

The view from the Kapelle in Burgstall


The Ziller and Mayrhofen 


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Cloudy Mountains

Sunday comes round again and we went up the mountain even though it was raining in the village. It started off with a blizzard and near total whiteout but slowly the clouds started to clear and we had a wonderful lunch with some amazing views up at the Gschosswandhaus.

The Tristner poking her head through the clouds

The Tristner in Black and White

The Ahorn, Tristner, and Grünberg with the Penkenbahn in the foreground

Photographed with Fuji X-E1 with Olympus 35mm f/2.8 Zuiko Objektiv


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Family Skiday

Yes I know that I haven't posted for a while, but life has been busy (as it always is) here in the Zillertal, Anyhow I thought that I would share with you a couple of photos that I took this weekend at the Ski Hoch Zillertal Area in Kaltenbach. A great resort and some fantastic conditions for February. I shall endeavor to keep the posts coming a little more regularly in the future!

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All photos shot with iPhone 6s in Lightroom Mobile

Shooting RAW dng files with the iPhone 6s and Adobe Lightroom Mobile

As of the 13 September with the new version of the iOS operating system, the iPhone now can shoot RAW dng files. For those who don't know what that is, it is the digital version of a negative.  

The image retains all of the information from the brightest points down to the darkest shadows. With RAW you can bring the details out from these areas.  

As mobile phones are used for a large majority of photography these days, it is a huge step forward (and yes android users have had this for some time!) 

i went for a run this morning and took some test shots with my iPhone and did the post production on the phone with Lightroom mobile. There maybe some noise and grain in the images but remember that these are taken with an iPhone! 



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A Wooden Castle in the Mountains

The other weekend we took the kids up the mountain to have a look at one of the new attractions that has been built. It is called the 'Fichtenschloss' or 'Spruce Castle' and is a huge area for kids of all ages to go and let off a load of steam! It is located at the top station above the resort of Zell am Ziller, and can be reached by 2 cable cars.

The kids really didn't want to leave and just next to it is a great restaurant that makes a really good KäseSpatzl' (a traditional Tirolean cheese dish, think macaroni-cheese on steroids!) which is perfect for keeping your energy up with all the hill climbing. You can find out more through their website here

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Ein Monat der Farbe - tag 23

Während dieses Monats der Farbe wird sich bemühen, Ich jeden Tag eine neue Farbfoto zu posten (Wenn Sie schwarz Weiß wollen dann schauen Sie in Monochrom Oktober). Jedes Foto wird zum Download in hoher Auflösung verfügbar sein, alles, was Sie tun müssen, ist abonnieren unten, und ich werde Sie auf den Link für den Download senden. Alle Bilder sind frei für den persönlichen Gebrauch zu verwenden und vergessen Sie bitte nicht mich (gavinotter.com) gutzuschreiben, wenn man sie in den sozialen Medien oder Websites zu nutzen.

Zillertal Crop Circles

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A Month of Colour - day 16

During this Month of Colour I will endeavor to post a new Colour photo each day (If you want black and white then check out Monochrome October). Each photo will be available for download in high resolution, all you have to do is subscribe below and I will send you the link for the download. All pictures are free to use for personal usage and please don't forget to credit me (gavinotter.com) if you use them in social media or websites.

My running trail along the side of the Ziller river, in Mayrhofen

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