big sticks and brezels

Spring has definitely sprung and with it comes Easter, if not somewhat late this year! As I live in a predominately Catholic country and this is much more of a big deal than just chocolate eggs. The Sunday before Easter is Palm Sunday, and for the children here they learn about what happened in the kindergarten and school. They also have a day trip to go and make a 'palm' made I believe from willow branches here, as the palm tree isn't native to the Austrian Alps! There is then a blessing of these palm at the local church andpractically the whole town turns up (regardless of how religious they actually are!).

Its a nice thing to do on a Sunday and as you can see the weather was glorious! Afterwards we went for coffee and cake at a cafe nearby.

Its nice to have these traditional things to go to as sometimes the world seems to be forgetting where it came from and focusing too much on stuff and not people. this was very much a people thing!

Happy Easter and As-salāmu ʿalaykum

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South of France panorama Pt5

This week I have a series of Panoramas that I took while on hoilday in the South of France this summer. All were shot with my trusty old Canon 400D, and then produced and edited in Lightroom CC using the new panorama tools.

Each day this week will be a new image in the series so remember to check back regularly.

Diese Woche wir haben eine serien von Panoramas, dass Ich auf mein Sommer Urlaub in Sud Frankereich fotografiert haben. Alle bilder war mit ein alte Canon 400D geschossen, und im Adobe Lightroom CC mit die neue Panoramo Funktion gearbeitet.

Jeden Tag diese Woche gibts ein neues bilde von die Seirien, so Bitte nicht vergessen zum schauen.


Location: Languedoc-Roussillon, France

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