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Havn't posted for a while as I have been busy taking pictures for clients (which is all good!) and building a kitchen (which is nearly finished - photos coming soon!) but did take the Fuji and the family into the woods the other day as it was too hot to be at the park and the pool was more of a zoo! Boys had fun though being boys and getting mucky!

shot on Fujifilm X-E1 with all the OM lenses that I have - 35mm f/2.8, 50mm f/1.4, 35-100mm f/3.5-5.6, 70-210 f/5.6

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A Wooden Castle in the Mountains

The other weekend we took the kids up the mountain to have a look at one of the new attractions that has been built. It is called the 'Fichtenschloss' or 'Spruce Castle' and is a huge area for kids of all ages to go and let off a load of steam! It is located at the top station above the resort of Zell am Ziller, and can be reached by 2 cable cars.

The kids really didn't want to leave and just next to it is a great restaurant that makes a really good KäseSpatzl' (a traditional Tirolean cheese dish, think macaroni-cheese on steroids!) which is perfect for keeping your energy up with all the hill climbing. You can find out more through their website here

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Ein Monat der Farbe - tag 15

Während dieses Monats der Farbe wird sich bemühen, Ich jeden Tag eine neue Farbfoto zu posten (Wenn Sie schwarz Weiß wollen dann schauen Sie in Monochrom Oktober). Jedes Foto wird zum Download in hoher Auflösung verfügbar sein, alles, was Sie tun müssen, ist abonnieren unten, und ich werde Sie auf den Link für den Download senden. Alle Bilder sind frei für den persönlichen Gebrauch zu verwenden und vergessen Sie bitte nicht mich ( gutzuschreiben, wenn man sie in den sozialen Medien oder Websites zu nutzen.

Mein Alte spielplatz in Barnet, Nord London

Mein Alte spielplatz in Barnet, Nord London

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Boys with their Toys

Letzte Wochenende war ein Modell Hubschrauber Schau am Hotel Hintertuxerhof. Es war spass und die Hubschrauber war kein spielzeug! Das Hotel hat ein super spielplatz auch, und es war ein super tag fuer kinder von alle alter!

Last weekend we attended a model Helicopter show at the Hotel Hintertuxerhof. It was a great day and those Heicopters are not Toys! The Hotel has a great playground too, and it was a great day for children of all ages!

Hintertux, Zillertal, Tirol.

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