A big ask! - Eine große Frage!

Dear All

I am running in the Mayrhofen Ultraks Mountain Race on the 22. June in support of Medicine Sans Frontier, who are working in some of the more exclusive Holiday destinations like Yemem, Afganistan and Syria. The race is 30 km with 1970m total elevation. I am doing the hard bit, and all that I ask of you ist that you just donate whatever you can to help a good cause and people who aren't as lucky as we are.

I know that you will do the right thing as that is why I am friends with you all.


Hallo zusammen

Ich nehme am 22. Juni am Mayrhofen Ultraks Mountain Race teil, um Ärtze Onne Grenzen zu unterstützen, die in einigen der exklusiveren Urlaubsregionen wie Yemem, Afganistan und Syrien tätig sind. Das Rennen ist 30 km lang mit einer Gesamthöhe von 1970 m. Ich mache den harten Teil, und alles, was ich von Ihnen verlange, ist, dass Sie einfach alles spenden, was Sie können, um einer guten Sache und Menschen zu helfen, die nicht so viel Glück haben wie wir.

Ich weiß, dass Sie das Richtige tun werden, denn deshalb bin ich mit Ihnen allen befreundet.

Vielen Dank


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Marathon Man

Last year I ran my third marathon in the city of Bregenz. While I was there and during the training that I did prior, I shot some footage which I have been cutting together with some older stuff from the 2 occasions that I ran the Munich marathon. I hope that you enjoy this short film. 

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A Month of Colour - day 16

During this Month of Colour I will endeavor to post a new Colour photo each day (If you want black and white then check out Monochrome October). Each photo will be available for download in high resolution, all you have to do is subscribe below and I will send you the link for the download. All pictures are free to use for personal usage and please don't forget to credit me ( if you use them in social media or websites.

My running trail along the side of the Ziller river, in Mayrhofen

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