Test Track

Thursday had come round and as it is high season, I decided not to have an afternoon off skiing, but instead I chose to hike up to an old favourite place of mine, the Wiesenhof. It lies halfway up the Ahorn mountain on the Abfaht itself but the road to it is always covered in snow (well nearly always!).

It takes about an hour to hike up there and then about 10 minutes to Rodel down. For those of you who dont know what a Rodel is, it is a traditional Austrian toboggan. It is the best sport in the winter especially when you go with a group of people and have a couple of drinks at the top. It then turns into ‘Wacky Races’.

A quick disclaimer is that this road is not an official Rodelbahn and still only a road so it is not lit, controlled, or closed off to cars, so if you are in the valley I would recommend going to somewhere like the one at Gerlosstein

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Nikolaus and the Weihnachtsmarkt

This weekend was the second advent Market weekend here in Mayrhofen, and as my mum was over visiting we went up to have a look around and sample some of the Zillertaler Krapfen and Glühwein.

Holiday Snaps

Well I have finally got round to posting my holiday snaps. It was a lot of laughs with old friends and family, with a trip to the seaside thrown in for good measure!

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Winter Begins

OK I had some time off, and during that time the winter season kicked off, Well that was lucky wasn't it!, Oh and it snowed too!!! Got some nice shots of the mountains in all their glory and had some pretty decent skiing too. All captured on an iPhone 6s with post done in Adobe Lightoroom Mobile and CC and some experimentation with a new thing or 2 that I learned in Photoshop CC. Tell me what you think in the comments below.

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The summer

Well I finally got round to finishing my personal pictures from the summer, after a number of weddings and Hotels cropped up (more about those in another blog post!). Anyway here is a brief selection of what we did and the beautiful places that we went to.

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big sticks and brezels

Spring has definitely sprung and with it comes Easter, if not somewhat late this year! As I live in a predominately Catholic country and this is much more of a big deal than just chocolate eggs. The Sunday before Easter is Palm Sunday, and for the children here they learn about what happened in the kindergarten and school. They also have a day trip to go and make a 'palm' made I believe from willow branches here, as the palm tree isn't native to the Austrian Alps! There is then a blessing of these palm at the local church andpractically the whole town turns up (regardless of how religious they actually are!).

Its a nice thing to do on a Sunday and as you can see the weather was glorious! Afterwards we went for coffee and cake at a cafe nearby.

Its nice to have these traditional things to go to as sometimes the world seems to be forgetting where it came from and focusing too much on stuff and not people. this was very much a people thing!

Happy Easter and As-salāmu ʿalaykum

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Project 365: part II

Since some point way back in August, I have been working on a project 365. This entails taking a photo a day, every day, for a year. Well I am now at halfway! I still cant believe it that I have less than six months to go. It may sound easy but when you throw everything into a normal day that you have, work, family, sports, day to day chores, it all adds up. And sometimes you sit down of an evening and.......Damn! I forgot which is why you get photos like number 5 in this sequence! (taken late at night just after going to bed and then remembering that I needed a photo from the day!)

I have found it very useful, not only in the way that I approach my photography, but also as a diary of what I did that day.

The Project 365 has been running exclusively on Instagram until now and will continue to but I will also post regular updates here to (every couple of weeks) so that you can see how it is going.

Anyway thanks for following along.

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An Evening with Hollawax

Just before the Festive break I did a shoot at a local restaurant of the band Hollawax. They were providing music for patrons during the evening and I was commissioned to capture them in action. The venue, Wirtshaus zum Griena,  is an amazing old traditional Zillertaler house that has been converted into a restaurant and serves a great selection of traditional Austrian cuisine.

The Shoot itself was a challenge due to the difficult lighting in the building as well as not really being able to set up any external lights as it was a fully functional restaurant ona busy Friday night. Still my Canon 6D kept up and we pushed the envelope with the ISO.

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