Monochrome Oktober Day 11

Each year I dedicate the month of Oktober (German Spelling, in case you were wondering) to the beautiful art of Black & White photography. Each day I will be posting a new Black & white image

I have a passion for this style of photograph, as it makes you concentrate more on the subject and really brings out the emotion of the image.

In the post processing phase, it is more than just removing the colour out of a picture but finding the right combination of tones and shades of grey that work within an image. With applications such as Photoshop you can change these mixtures to a great degree to give you more or less of those tones.

You can experiment with your photos as I am sure that your smartphone will have an editing section in it (both the iPhone Camera App and the Facebook App do this) and play around with the different settings.

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A Tree that was taken as a panorama (as my lens was not wide enough!) just down from the Abbey in St Albans (UK) just before going to the oldest Pub in Town! Fujifilm X-E1 with Olympus 50mm f/1.8 shot at 1/1000 sec f/4.0 ISO 200 with post done in Lightroom CC with additional work done in Macphun Tonality Pro.

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A Month of Colour - day 6

During this Month of Colour I will endeavor to post a new Colour photo each day (If you want black and white then check out Monochrome October). Each photo will be available for download in high resolution, all you have to do is subscribe below and I will send you the link for the download. All pictures are free to use for personal usage and please don't forget to credit me ( if you use them in social media or websites.

A Gruffalo, down in the deep dark woods (in Essex)

#monthofcolour #einmonatderfarbe #juni #june #farbe #colour

Lest We Forget

Today is Remembrance Sunday in the UK, when we remember the fallen from all of the wars and conflicts that have happened. Whether you agree with the armed forces or not, you should spare a thought for those who gave their lives so that we may live ours as we do. We have to remember our past so that we don't repeat the mistakes that have been made, and hopefully moving us to a time when conflict will become less of a common occurrence. Location Mayrhofen War Memorial, Zillertal, Tirol.