A Month of Colour - day 2

During this Month of Colour I will endeavor to post a new Colour photo each day (If you want black and white then check out Monochrome October). Each photo will be available for download in high resolution, all you have to do is subscribe below and I will send you the link for the download. All pictures are free to use for personal usage and please don't forget to credit me ( if you use them in social media or websites. 

This is a classical Austrian footbridge with the roof, with the Ahorn Mountain in the background.

This image was shot on a Canon 6D, EF 17-40mm at 20mm f/22 ISO 100 for 2 sec.

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Letzte Woche hatte ich ein Sitzung im ÖRK Landesverband Tirol, der Zentrale für das Rotes Kreuz in Tirol, und nun trat dem Team bei Landesrettungskommando in der Presse & Medien Abteilung auf freiwilliger Basis. Ich freue mich auf die Zusammenarbeit auf sehr vielen Projekten mit ihnen in der Zukunft.

Last week I had a meeting at Landesverband Tirol, the headquarters for the Red Cross in Tirol, and have now joined the team at Landesrettungskommando (State Rescue Command) in the Press & Media Section on a voluntary basis. I am looking forward to working on a great many projects with them in the future.

Location/Ort : Landesverband Tirol, Rum, Tirol

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Einsatz Seminar, Rotes Kreuz Tirol 2014

As Part of the ongoing celebrations of the 100 years of Red Cross Bezirk Schwaz, we hosted in the Zillertal, the annual GUF/KAT Seminar in which elements from all over Tirol come to train for large accident scenarios. The Course is also a final exam for some participants putting them under great pressure in order to allocate resources effectively and bring order to the ensuing chaos. I was fortunate to be asked to cover this for both my district and for the state.

Das Blut von Solferino

This year my district of the Austrian Red Cross, Bezirk Schwaz, celebrated its 100 year anniversary. As part of the celebrations a performance was commissioned recalling the formation of the International Committee of the Red Cross, and the life of its founder Henry Dunant. I was asked by the Director Richard to come along to the final rehearsal and  take a couple of shots for them at the Waldfestplatz in Mayrhofen.