Winter walk in the woods

I was looking back over some photos from this winter and I found a folder with a few pictures that I had somehow forgotten to process! (not quite sure how that happened with my quiet and relaxing life in the mountains!) So a couple of early morning post sessions and here is our winter walk in the woods as well as the Kindergarten race day.

fujifilm xe1 and lightroom


Ice Racing

This weekend the we had an Ice racing track built on a field nearby and some chaps turned up with some sporty looking motors to have a blast round. Although we missed the first days action I managed to get down there on the Sunday with my eldest to catch some of the high octane snow racing. More fun was had by all!


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February round-up

As February approaches its end, and with it the winter starts to thaw I thought that I would give you a selection of photos that I have taken this month that I haven't posted here yet (they probably went up on Instagram or Facebook) or that didn't fit into any particular story. Enjoy.

shot on Fuji XE1 and iPhone 6s

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Fasching came and went last week, and with it a stack of guests here in the Zillertal. We also received some welcome guests. The boys had a great time and were very sad that they had to go. On the last day I took one of the cameras (a proper one with lenses not just my trusty iphone!) to get some portraits of the kids. This is tricky at best when they are yooming about and you are trying to manually focus, compose and adjust manual settings, but I think that I got some good ones.

Shot with a Fujifilm XE1 with Olympus 35mm f/2.8 and 50mm  f/1.8


The Hero Shot

Today is Fasching, or shrove Tuesday or Pancake day or whatever you call it! Anyway here we get dressed up in fancy dress or cosplay (whatever your desire!)

So the other day I had my home studio set up and I wanted to take some test shots so I roped in 2 volunteers but during the first couple of shots they ran off and these two heroes returned so we had a little fun.

I am currently working on some composites from these images and when I have finished them I shall put them up for you to see.



January with the iphone

Just recently my Mobile/Handy contract came up for renewel, and I was left with a difficult decision to make. Over the last 2 years I have been shooting a lot with my iPhone 6s (I would say about half of my personal work is done with the phone, client stuff gets a full frame dslr!) so the dilemma that I was facing was do I stay with my particularly expensive contract (that is also 10 years old!) and get the latest all singing iPhone with it, or do I upgrade my contract to 2018 and stay with my older 6s?

Decisions, decisions!

I made my call after processing this months photos that had been shot with Lightroom Mobile (i.e. they are shot as DNG RAW images, basically digital negatives for those old enough to remember what a negative is!) Apart from not doing too well in the low light, which I might add ANY mobile/Handy will have the same issues due to the size of the sensor being smaller than you can probably see, I believe that a new device will have no difference to my images. Cheaper contract here I come, oh and I can spend some of the saved money on a new battery for it!

Remember that it is NOT the camera that you shoot with it is who is behind the camera that makes the shot, and the best camera that you have is the one the one that you have with you!

Have fun and do more!

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Winter Begins

OK I had some time off, and during that time the winter season kicked off, Well that was lucky wasn't it!, Oh and it snowed too!!! Got some nice shots of the mountains in all their glory and had some pretty decent skiing too. All captured on an iPhone 6s with post done in Adobe Lightoroom Mobile and CC and some experimentation with a new thing or 2 that I learned in Photoshop CC. Tell me what you think in the comments below.

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A long time ago......

This week is one of those weeks when you have loads to do, unfortunately for me that list of things didn’t include my camera (or even getting my iPhone out to often). I did, however, during a cleanup of my lightroom library, find a stack of old pictures that I had not looked at in years. So a little bit of the 2017 workflow and some lightroom magic and here are some of my first shots when I started out with a dslr (a big boy camera!). All pictures are ca. 2008. 

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