Kinderfest am Ahorn and other stuff by Gavin Otter

Last weekend we had a busy time, first going over to see the folks in Saalbach-Hinterglemm then back for the Kinderfest double extravaganza. 

While in Saalbach we went to the Bauernmarkt in Hinterglemm which was fun with a parade of traditional farmer type stuff including some pretty impressive whipping. Except for one person who got a bit too close and got their hair whipped! 

Next, after a quick drive across the alps we went to the Kinderfest in Mayrhofen, which was first on the Sunday at the waldfestplatz. A busy afternoon of screaming kids all pumped up on a combination of sugar and bouncy castles. On the plus side the weather was glorious!

Finally, on the Monday we ventured up the Ahorn for the mountain edition of the Kinderfest which was fun. The new lake area that they have built is great and the water was chilly but refreshing. And yes I did go for a quick dip! If your in town during the Summer months then I strongly recommend it.

Ahorn on a rainy day by Gavin Otter

Ok it's bin a while, but as many of you know life can get a bit hectic and be all consuming! Well this weekend I  got some time to be out there in the mountains with the family and some friends who were visiting. Unfortunately the weather didn't quite play ball but that's what you get for living in the weather factory! 

This year the Mayrhofener Bergbahnen have been doing some more work on the Ahorn mountain and have made this amazing mountain lake which I can't wait to try out properly on a glorious summer day! Definitely one to take the kids to.  

Oh and in case your wondering yes I did go in but only to my knees! (I may be English but even I'm not that bonkers!) 

throwing stones
fences and gates
zillertal view

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Marathon Man by Gavin Otter

Last year I ran my third marathon in the city of Bregenz. While I was there and during the training that I did prior, I shot some footage which I have been cutting together with some older stuff from the 2 occasions that I ran the Munich marathon. I hope that you enjoy this short film. 

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The Last Days of the Season by Gavin Otter

Well the winter season finished yesterday, and as luck would have it I managed to get the week off so that I could enjoy this big Alpine playground that I live in. I was hoping for more of the weather that we had been enduring over the last few weeks (hot and sunny) so that I could go up the Glacier at Hintertux. Fortunately it was better than that, it dumped with snow all week, and no there are very few pictures of that as I was having way too much fun in the power!

Hintertux from the Gletcher Bus I

The East view of the Alps from Hintertux 3250m

However, the weather did change on the Friday, and I managed to get up to Hintertux for a day of blasting down near deserted motorway pistes with an amazing view of the Alps.

The Glacier is open 365 days a year and yes, I have been skiiing in August before but I dont recommend it unless you like ice skating on the mountain. Spring is really where it comes into its own with a drpo of fresh snow, and a clear sky, it is really what skiing is about.

The South view from 3250m over into the Italian Alps

PS. dont go there in January unless you like being cold, I have been there in -30 degrees before without the windchill!

The Olperer and the Snowboard park from the top of the observation platform on the Gefrorene-Wand 3250m

The Tuxertal, Zillertal, and beyond

Shot with iPhone 6s, Post production with Adobe Lightroom CC

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Easter Egg Hunt by Gavin Otter

My beautiful and talented wife, Karen, decide this year to stage an Easter Egg Hunt here in Mayrhofen, for some of the children of the town. She bought a ton of sweets and chocolate and put an event on Facebook. There was a great response from other parents in town as well as the town council who also sponsored the event with a bundle of chocolate bunniesto add to the booty!

The day started early as she went up to hide all the goodies in the rain (it was pouring down when she left at 07:25) but thankfully with a bit of fortune the clouds parted and some patches of blue sky were seen briefly!

The kids loved it and all ran about crazily collecting as much as they could, and with nearly 2000 individual pieces up for grabs there was plenty to go round for everyone. There were a some late arrivals but the good spirits of the day even made sure that there was chocolate for everyone.

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Shot with Canon 6D with Tamron 28-75mm f/2.8 onto Lexar 1000 SD cards, with post in Lightroom CC 2017

big sticks and brezels by Gavin Otter

Spring has definitely sprung and with it comes Easter, if not somewhat late this year! As I live in a predominately Catholic country and this is much more of a big deal than just chocolate eggs. The Sunday before Easter is Palm Sunday, and for the children here they learn about what happened in the kindergarten and school. They also have a day trip to go and make a 'palm' made I believe from willow branches here, as the palm tree isn't native to the Austrian Alps! There is then a blessing of these palm at the local church andpractically the whole town turns up (regardless of how religious they actually are!).

Its a nice thing to do on a Sunday and as you can see the weather was glorious! Afterwards we went for coffee and cake at a cafe nearby.

Its nice to have these traditional things to go to as sometimes the world seems to be forgetting where it came from and focusing too much on stuff and not people. this was very much a people thing!

Happy Easter and As-salāmu ʿalaykum

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Another shift by Gavin Otter

So time has been a little busy over the winter and I have been a little slack in keeping up to date with my private work. I found these photos from last year when I had a particularly quiet Red Cross shift. Anyway I am sure that there will be more from last year surfacing in the coming weeks. .

Fujifilm x-E1 with Olympus OM mount 35mm f/2.8 and edited in Adobe Lightroom CC

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Project 365: part II by Gavin Otter

Since some point way back in August, I have been working on a project 365. This entails taking a photo a day, every day, for a year. Well I am now at halfway! I still cant believe it that I have less than six months to go. It may sound easy but when you throw everything into a normal day that you have, work, family, sports, day to day chores, it all adds up. And sometimes you sit down of an evening and.......Damn! I forgot which is why you get photos like number 5 in this sequence! (taken late at night just after going to bed and then remembering that I needed a photo from the day!)

I have found it very useful, not only in the way that I approach my photography, but also as a diary of what I did that day.

The Project 365 has been running exclusively on Instagram until now and will continue to but I will also post regular updates here to (every couple of weeks) so that you can see how it is going.

Anyway thanks for following along.

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