November Panoramas

I have been playing around with some panoramas recently with the new features in Adobe Lightroom CC. It allows you to make full panorama shots in RAW (the digital version of a negative) and then you can still edit them getting the best out of the image that you took.
 It does make the files a bit bigger, the original copy of the final image here was over 150MB.

The new astroturf spielfeld here in Mayrhofen.

The Ahorn sitting above Mayrhofen shot from the Northside.

High Altitude clouds whisping over Horberg.

The sun about to set behind the penken from Horberg

This image is actually 9 images sewn together as it is a test in HDR Panorama. Each of the 3 views was shot 3 times at 3 different exposures, 1 just right, 1 too dark and 1 a bit too light. Then all chucked in a bowl, mixed together with spices and Voila! this is what came out. The coluring has not been changed as this is what the actual sky looked like.

I hope that you enjoyed these images and if you have any comments please leave them in the section below. If you would like a copy of any pictures in the Blog please contact me through the contact page.

Have a great day!


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