The New Penken Playground

So, last weekend we went up the Penken to see the new play area that they have built. Great place to let the kids burn off some steam and to just sit about enjoying the summer for the grown-ups (who wants to go for a hike on a day like this anyway!) Well worth a visist if you are going up, it's just at the top of the Combi-bahn along with some very cool looking electric bikes and some 'Zorb' ball on a lake. I spoke to one of the chaps up there and apparently there is a lot more planned for next year, so watch this space (not literally, but keep following the blog!).

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Ice Racing

This weekend the we had an Ice racing track built on a field nearby and some chaps turned up with some sporty looking motors to have a blast round. Although we missed the first days action I managed to get down there on the Sunday with my eldest to catch some of the high octane snow racing. More fun was had by all!


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January with the iphone

Just recently my Mobile/Handy contract came up for renewel, and I was left with a difficult decision to make. Over the last 2 years I have been shooting a lot with my iPhone 6s (I would say about half of my personal work is done with the phone, client stuff gets a full frame dslr!) so the dilemma that I was facing was do I stay with my particularly expensive contract (that is also 10 years old!) and get the latest all singing iPhone with it, or do I upgrade my contract to 2018 and stay with my older 6s?

Decisions, decisions!

I made my call after processing this months photos that had been shot with Lightroom Mobile (i.e. they are shot as DNG RAW images, basically digital negatives for those old enough to remember what a negative is!) Apart from not doing too well in the low light, which I might add ANY mobile/Handy will have the same issues due to the size of the sensor being smaller than you can probably see, I believe that a new device will have no difference to my images. Cheaper contract here I come, oh and I can spend some of the saved money on a new battery for it!

Remember that it is NOT the camera that you shoot with it is who is behind the camera that makes the shot, and the best camera that you have is the one the one that you have with you!

Have fun and do more!

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Winter Begins

OK I had some time off, and during that time the winter season kicked off, Well that was lucky wasn't it!, Oh and it snowed too!!! Got some nice shots of the mountains in all their glory and had some pretty decent skiing too. All captured on an iPhone 6s with post done in Adobe Lightoroom Mobile and CC and some experimentation with a new thing or 2 that I learned in Photoshop CC. Tell me what you think in the comments below.

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Shooting RAW dng files with the iPhone 6s and Adobe Lightroom Mobile

As of the 13 September with the new version of the iOS operating system, the iPhone now can shoot RAW dng files. For those who don't know what that is, it is the digital version of a negative.  

The image retains all of the information from the brightest points down to the darkest shadows. With RAW you can bring the details out from these areas.  

As mobile phones are used for a large majority of photography these days, it is a huge step forward (and yes android users have had this for some time!) 

i went for a run this morning and took some test shots with my iPhone and did the post production on the phone with Lightroom mobile. There maybe some noise and grain in the images but remember that these are taken with an iPhone! 



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Penkenbahn Mayrhofen

I was recently commissioned to shoot the new Penkenbahn main station for a client. It is a great looking building and I can honestly say that I have to date not seen a queue of more than 5 minutes up or down (even in high season ona Sunday!) So form and functionality work.

penkenbahn at the bus drop off

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Ein Monat der Farbe - tag 18

Während dieses Monats der Farbe wird sich bemühen, Ich jeden Tag eine neue Farbfoto zu posten (Wenn Sie schwarz Weiß wollen dann schauen Sie in Monochrom Oktober). Jedes Foto wird zum Download in hoher Auflösung verfügbar sein, alles, was Sie tun müssen, ist abonnieren unten, und ich werde Sie auf den Link für den Download senden. Alle Bilder sind frei für den persönlichen Gebrauch zu verwenden und vergessen Sie bitte nicht mich ( gutzuschreiben, wenn man sie in den sozialen Medien oder Websites zu nutzen.

Ein paar Musiker in unserer Nachbarschaft.

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