Project 365: part II

Since some point way back in August, I have been working on a project 365. This entails taking a photo a day, every day, for a year. Well I am now at halfway! I still cant believe it that I have less than six months to go. It may sound easy but when you throw everything into a normal day that you have, work, family, sports, day to day chores, it all adds up. And sometimes you sit down of an evening and.......Damn! I forgot which is why you get photos like number 5 in this sequence! (taken late at night just after going to bed and then remembering that I needed a photo from the day!)

I have found it very useful, not only in the way that I approach my photography, but also as a diary of what I did that day.

The Project 365 has been running exclusively on Instagram until now and will continue to but I will also post regular updates here to (every couple of weeks) so that you can see how it is going.

Anyway thanks for following along.

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