Holiday Snaps

Well I have finally got round to posting my holiday snaps. It was a lot of laughs with old friends and family, with a trip to the seaside thrown in for good measure!

#itsahardlifeinthemountains #seaside #family


Fasching came and went last week, and with it a stack of guests here in the Zillertal. We also received some welcome guests. The boys had a great time and were very sad that they had to go. On the last day I took one of the cameras (a proper one with lenses not just my trusty iphone!) to get some portraits of the kids. This is tricky at best when they are yooming about and you are trying to manually focus, compose and adjust manual settings, but I think that I got some good ones.

Shot with a Fujifilm XE1 with Olympus 35mm f/2.8 and 50mm  f/1.8